Overkill Computers was born out of a desire to make custom mean something again. We take great pride in our builds… The amount of time, energy and attention to detail we put in is unrivaled in the industry. When you contact us for Custom Build or order one of our RTG computers we are personally contacting you, and setting up your build. We work with you every step of the way to make your vision a reality!

Why are we so good at what we do?

Truly Custom

We may offer an RTG line computer that you can click to order, but these will never be built and thrown into a box and stuck in a warehouse. When you order a computer we work directly with you. From start to finish from the parts order, to design, to delivery. 



We speak to each and every person that comes to OverKill personally. That means that you get to speak directly to the builder that is crafting your computer. You will never be pushed to a customer service rep outside of our company.

Innovation and Quality

We pride ourselves on always pushing the envelope. Design, research and develepment are key to pushing the limits of our Overkill computers. We are always working with the best and newest hardware to provide you with the most Overkill PC we can!

Contact Us

You can reach us at...


or call us at 904-829-7681

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