We're the First in History to turn a Gaming PC Build Video into an NFT!

That's right, Overkill Computers is the first to turn a Gaming PC Build video into an NFT, and we're also the first to utilize an NFT inside of a Gaming PC. Here at Overkill we build crazy custom PC Setups, but we also do monthly giveaways and viral marketing stunts. We built the "Project Meta bounty Hunters" Gaming PC to launch the metabountyhunters.io/  NFT Project. It was a massive success. Selling 1 Million dollars in NFTs in under 30 Minutes, and 11 Million in just days. This project is one for the history books for Overkill Computers. The Meta Bounty Hunters NFT launch also goes in the books as one of the highest grossing NFT launches to date!

We are proud to be venturing into the NFT and Web 3 Space. Soon we will be releasing a road map for the future that details some of the cutting edge and forward thinking moves that we will be making. 

The NFT that we made is more of a Novelty piece, something that marks us as first in the space. However, we did add a custom link that only the holder of the NFT can access. It is a key to unlock something Big in the future. It's not for sale any time soon. : )

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